Winter Sparkle

Hello my lovely readers!
Winter is slowly but surely coming. Sunny days are increasingly rare, the temperature is falling and the colors in nature are dark and gloomy. Despite that, each part of the year is special in it's own way - so is this too. Christmas time is upon us and with it the holidays, snow, lots of cookies and family gatherings :)
Hope you have a lovely sunday :)

" We cling to our point of view, as thought everything depended on it. Yet out opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away. " ~ Zhuangzi
Skirt: Ann Christine
Blazer: H&M
Dress: H&M

Trilogy Fantasy: Lord of The Rings: Eye of Adventure


  1. that skirt is so cute! and it's true all seasons have their positive&negative aspects, it's always better to concentrate on the good:-) x

    1. If we concentrate on the good we see more good than bad and therefore we feel better :) xo

  2. Legolas na kraju :D Ti isto voliš Lotr vidim :) Srebrna suknja je baš za neki novogodišnji party, sviđa mi se!

    1. Volim Lotr, a još više vilenjake :D Da, razmišljam da suknju obučem za Novu :)