Rock + Universe outfit & flowers

Hi everyone! Although I do not see a lot of your comments, I notice more and more visits to the blog, which makes me immensely happy! Thank you for your support :) 
In this post I'll show you 2 relatively new outfit looks that I wore these days. In addition, there are a couple of pictures of flowers from my home, that inspire me (and I hope they will inspire you too) :)

xoxo, I.

Denim shorts: DIY
Universe necklace: DIY
Skirt: New Yorker



If I had to choose one type of flowers as my favourite, it would be roses, especially white roses.
Enjoy the pictures :)

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn 

Should never crave the rose.” 
― Anne Brontë

Skirt: United Colors of Benetton
Belt: Mango
Rose crown: DIY

xoxo, I.


Last week's inspiration

Hello everyone!
In this post you can see some of the photos i took through the last week, including new outfit I wore few days ago :)

Hope you're all good ;)
xoxo, I.