DIY easy body scrub / coffee & cinnamon

Hello everyone! 

Today I have an amazing DIY Cinnamon coffee body scrub recipe for you. Coffee and coconut oil are rich in antioxidants, and apricot kernel oil is great for moisturizing the skin. Also, when using coffee on your skin it supposedly reduces the appearance of cellulite and tightens the skin!

Furthermore, the mixture of coffee and cinnamon smells heavenly (if you like the smells of cofee and cinnamon, ofcourse)!

So... if I convinced you to try this body scrub, here are the ingredients you will need:

* mason jar or any other jar that can contain 100 grams of product
* 50g ground coffee
* 30g pink himalayan salt
* 20ml melted coconut oil
* 10ml apricot kernel oil
* 10g cinnamon spice


* Combine all the ingredients, mixing well.
* Scoop the mixture into your jar and seal.
* Apply a generous amount of the scrub on wet skin in the tub or shower. Massage in circles and rinse with warm water.

This makes approximately 100 grams of body scrub, and won't go bad for about 3-6 months. Just be sure to store it properly - don't allow water to enter the jar & don't let it stand in direct sunlight! If you see the contents separating, simply stir and use as usual.

Enjoy :)